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Character Locker

Just basic character profiles mirrored from Toyhouse.

Caraway: Tales of Lucidity

Cynthia Caraway

Eldest sibling. Has lots of strange dreams. Likes black coffee, stuffed animals, and taking naps.

Cori Caraway

Self-proclaimed swamp thing. Finds beauty in the grotesque. Likes things that are cryptic.

Matilda Caraway

Adrenaline junky. Gets herself and her siblings into trouble. Likes collecting trash she finds.

Caleb Caraway

Only Caraway brother. Fairly quiet; keeps mostly to himself. Has a lot of random equipment on hand.

Zoe Caraway

Youngest Caraway sibling. Likes to punch things.

Stella Way

Cynthia's BFF. Kindhearted. Has old-fashioned taste. Doesn't know what her father is up to.

Richard Way

Professor of historical literature. Connected to something ancient and dark. Smokes pipe tobacco.

Freda Mason

Someone from Richard Way's past. Works with strange fungi.

Aubergine: A Tale for Misfits

Jean Auber

Lives with her uncle and cousin. Has bad coping skills. Likes tacky clothes and riding her bike.

Gerald Chu

Old colleague of Richard Way's. Worked on some morally ambiguous projects; wants to move on. Loves kids.

Cheri Chu

Gerald's adopted daughter. Child-turned-lightning bolt. Loves sweets.


Juniper Lee

Background in aviation. Interested in entomology as well. Named her spaceship the Junebug.


Juniper's level-headed robot helper and cohort. Loyal and trustworthy, he's programmed that way.

Cami Leon

Subterranean lizard-girl. Sticks her tongue on everything.


Raymond Dells

An independent private eye that owns a dwindling detective agency.

Paige Ling

Raymond's secretary. The only one in the agency with common sense.

Hedgeworth of Honey Hollow


A kind little hedgehog wizard who lives in a cottage providing help to other woodland creatures.

The Curse of Lancaster Manor

Margo Lancaster

Distant niece of the deceased sorcerer Lancaster. Only child. Occupant of Littlesville Orphanage in [REDACTED]. Graced with patience.

Count Lancaster

A recluse sorcerer with poor hospitality skills and a strange relationship with his ex-wife.

Marigold Fairweather-Lancaster

Ex-wife of the deceased sorcerer Lancaster. Died before getting her hands on his money but that still isn't stopping her from trying.

Ed & Lacey

Edgar Tawfiq

A grave-robber who happened upon a genie lamp during one of his digs. Too proud to actually make wishes.

Lacey De la Cour

Edgar's travel companion. Was a literal clown in a former life.


The Scarecrow

Something has been seen shifting around the cornfields. Some say it can control the crows. Others say the crows use it as a conduit.


Mer-creature who likes to sneak out of her tank at night and slop around. Eats bugs, people's leftovers, and fish.


Big sister to a thousand mushroom babies.

MacKenzie Qu├ęso

It ain't easy being cheesy. Always sweaty for some reason.

Cornelia Copia

Festive Amish farmer girl. Raises turkeys and squash.