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Creatures Creaching

⋆。°✩ Through the woods and past the sea you find the creatures creaching. ✩°。⋆

Hover over a creature with your mouse!

Pine Cone Elf

A sluggish species known to cling to pine branches as they sleep.

Candle Golem

A timid species known to harbor a dislike for shadows.

Clockwork Imp

If time seems to be slipping away from you, blame these guys.

Smog Phantom

Usually seen around graveyards and lakes during the early mornings.

Woods Crawler

Crawl the forest floor looking for somewhere to replant.


A strange bear whose life essence is honey itself.


A fruit-bird hybrid, always running from weirdos who think he's food.


Trying to recharge your phone on this pig is a dangerous game.


Hops around looking for stars to turn into dreams.


You're not sure how defensive that outer shell is, but you don't wanna tell him.

Book Wiz

Can finish a whole book without even glancing at the pages. Knows too much.


This thing's nose is constantly dripping.

Bad Omen

An encounter with this cat brings almost certain doom.

Bundle Bee

A little buzzing bundle of joy!


Run this drive on your computer to lick up any potential malware.


No need to travel to the snowy caps of the Himalayas, this Yeti is DIY!


Sweaters made out of its wool are said to grant wishes to its wearer.


This mischeivous imp is only really a threat to people with weak hearts.


Deer cheese, anyone?

Cloud Sprite

Draws in the weather with her cloud stylus.

Whispering Flounder

Talks about fishermen behind their backs.


A creature most active in December, bringing early nights.

Snail Mail

Likes to deliver gifts to people having bad days.


Grabs the unsuspecting legs of people getting up to pee.

Artist's Fury

The cutely manifested rage of artist's worldwide.


A persuasive duo of conjoined twins who always get what they want.


An escaped lab monkey that was last seen downing coffee and hasn't been located since.

Flatwoods Steamer

A West Virginian folktale that turned out to be a robot.


This is where the confetti in funfetti cakes REALLY comes from.


Creates a type of silk that's fire resistent.

Almighty Dollar

Money is power and he uses it to lure victims.


Mark their territory by spreading copies of themselves.

Dust Bunny

Hides under furniture trying to tidy up after themselves.


Who built this and why?


Chippunks travel in gangs. Don't be fooled! They can mess you up.

Cheese Car

Might seem harmless. Stupid, even. But when it's coming at you at 100mph...

Space Cowboy

Can shoot the rings off Saturn with a blindfold on.


Their stampedes are always followed with afternoon tea.


Leaves behind a path of destruction, followed by a distant "baaaa".


The lure of the lantern is the demise of many unlucky drivers.

Candy Corn Killer

Lurks in bushes waiting to strike but always misses its targets.


Known famously as the breakfast of the sea.

Little Professor

Lab rat has taken on new meaning.

Normal Houseplant

Didn't I water this one already?


Manager of a successful hardware store.


Often nest in apple trees, causing frustration among orchards.